Price list

The time needed for an interview, coffee, tea, of course included in the price
I don't count. (approx. 20-30min.)
you need to say in advance what form you would like a happy ending to
I recommend:
1 / 90min. program  Tantra Mix of massages - from everyone
 erotic massage, nuru massage -full body, breast hands,
even something else, a little tantra + strong ecstasy + so-called classical (Thai,body point massage, I'll put you physically together how much in that time prostate massage (only if you have you wish) or another combination by agreement pair minutes up-down. Reward = approx.
130 Eur
agreement on the program-in-place-let's leave it at that
will develop.
2 / 120min
and multi-royal massage about 2 hours -.- also depends on the program (it is compiled
"tailor - made" for you. Royal
"Massage" (Royal massage) is associated with a long and strong orgasm and
therapeutic massage. It is probably the BEST and especially for "connoisseurs"
ndividual price by agreement usual 160 €
120min + some extra time to fulfill what you want - Massage for demanding (program
diverse and longer relaxation) = 200e
Massage with a story of more time by agreement at least 90 min. 130e-90min
erotic massage + what we agree on 60min - 100 € -
I have prepared other programs
Massage for demanding from 2 hours (time exactly
unlimited) 200e ++++ - the program depends on what you are demanding!
Massage of different colors
Massage for subjects - only in the context of mine
Dominance and your submissiveness
Massage combi plus (erotic + lava
stones + pearl foot massage)
Mutual massage
Mutual Tantra massage
Massage with a story from 100E-of course
you can come up with a story
Special offer for those who are
the belief that only sex can be released:
TANTRA PLUS - 1ha- 2h´
TANTRA massage elements such as foreplay,
escalating into a slow nuru with increasing intensity and possibly yours
by engaging in something more than just touches - like the icing on the cake.
1h = € 100
2h- 170 €. (I 'm a CERTIFIED MASSEUR, BUT
AJ a woman who is not frigid. I can't focus on you if you touch me, like
I offer you an alternative TANTRA PLUS (
(Tantra Mix)
Erotic massage with cherry on the cake in
in the form of an incredibly strong orgasm, or even a more intimate practice of all
acts protected
Profi tantra massage, nuru massage, so called.
classic massages to relax stiff muscles, Thai massages of various types-
all connected with erotica (unless you wish otherwise), Mix massage MIX TANTRA + NURU + classic-or
combined massage for massaging stiff muscles - I have no problem with

Short price list

1 / 1h-erotic massage +
happy end -basic - 100 €

2 / 90min-Tantra Mix -
130 €

3 / Royal massage - 2h -
160 €

4 / Massage for demanding -
2 hours + approx. 200 € -program by agreement, strap-on, massage for sub, massage for
inexperienced, Massage with a story, Individual program, Mutual massage ,. Mutual
tantra massage - I will guide you, therapeutic massage - PRICES BY AGREEMENT. 1 / 2h I DON'T DO.

The price and the program can be reasonably agreed. Tops - as many as you want.

I rarely massage less
like an hour-I don't know to prepare anything special for you in a shorter time.
If he comes to something more intimate during the massage
it's included.

Your visit to me is voluntary and by ordering,
you agree to the terms of remuneration and health protection.

When I have time, I can do a separate massage of intimate parts-30min = 60eur I am not currently exercising - 2 hours
I'm not going to disinfect the whole apartment because of this!

I rarely massage for less than an hour - I don't know for shorter time to prepare nothing special. If he comes to something more intimate during the massage it's included. Your visit to me is voluntary and by ordering, you agree to the terms of remuneration and health protection.