I will be very happy to attend to you after 20.11.2021 - until then I have a full diary. Feel free to write me an e-mail - if I steal a moment of time, I will be happy to answer if I book an appointment - please verbal communication at the level. Your Lilu

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Please order at least 1-2 hours in advance only by VOICE CALL.

Pracujem len cez deň. 11-21,30 -nepravidelne-mimo týchto hodím ak sa objednáte včas vopred
I only work during the day. 11-21,30 - irregular-outside of these hours if you order in advance

The most original Tantra massage in Bratislava with a nice masseuse, Milf lady, who guards her and your health as well as discretion like no other.

The best Tantra-intimate massages I eliminate bugs-especially in language versions! The best Tantra-intim massages I remove bugs especially in language versions!

 Choose from individual programs, and I will adjust them to your ideas. You will come tired - you will leave relaxed and happy ...only OTP mode  The end of massages can be different and almost anything is possible
However, without endangering

The page is under construction, it will be completed within a week. Information that was previously published only in the BLOG - still remains in the Blog. The site is under construction, it will be completed within a week. Information that has been published previously only BLOG - and still remain in Blog.I speak: Slovak, English, Russian, French, CzechI speak: Slovak, English, Russian, French - not perfect - but I speak. Czech-of course.I have been vaccinated twice with Pfizer vaccine

About me

The best discreet TANTRA massages at Milf Dame in Bratislava

Choose from individual programs, and I will adjust them to your ideas. You come tired - you leave relaxed and happy ... Choose from individual programs, and I will adjust them to your ideas. You will come tired - you will leave relaxed and happy ...

Something about myself

I am a certified masseuse with many years of experience, vaccinated as a paramedic for a long time, but also a distinguished lady who not only offers but also requires level and discretion, 100% health. The price can be agreed with me unless it is offensive. Education: Tantra coach, Classical massage masseur, physiotherapist (SZŠ), psychologist-sexologist, Psychology with a focus on positive thinking and psychoanalysis. experience: including school for 20 years, 1st + 2nd level of Reiki initiation + experience in energy healing .. I studied mainly abroad, in the Czech Republic, Thailand, something in Slovakia. Tantra is generally perceived today as a way to achieve life balance
and well-being. Regardless of religion. Tantra massages are a sought-after relaxation technique that in
he always discovers something new to a person and brings him a new experience. Whether or not
emotional, spiritual or sensual, whole-body experience depends on
specific person and situation.

That's why you please me
make no mistake about erotic private-services can be "ONLY LIKE" similar,
but I assure you it's not about getting rid of hormones quickly
"surpluses" in the body ...... What interests you is answered directly
in individual buttons - by their name

I do massages with elements of tantra, elements of nuru, erotic
(sensory) and therapeutic massages. I emphasize with "elements".
Tantra massage itself is more about spiritual and inner self-feeling
I focus on the erotic from tantra-not on spirituality. I am a masseuse with several
certificates for massages and ZL, the techniques I master I try to use so
to make you feel as comfortable as possible
pleasant relaxation, through my touches, pleasant and
exciting atmosphere, with a happy ending and subsequent use of therapeutic
procedures also for removing some of those pains. I pay very attention to hygiene,
purity of body and soul, 100% health condition, pleasant demeanor
and last but not least, discretion. I am happy if the client from me
he leaves relaxed, satisfied, with a smile on his lips.


opening the door, when I'm waiting for you nicely decorated, in erotic lingerie and costume,
or dress, garters and high heels, I will settle you. We can have peace of mind
teapot, coffee, a little chat with relaxing music. If you want me
to say some more details that you did not say on the phone, you have time for that. This
my program is not strictly defined by what I come up with for you. You too
you can unleash your imagination and possibly sharpen it to me. / Or that
do you want to leave it to me? / I'll start undressing you slowly, we can get together
take a shower even though I will be bathed and eager to see you. With gentle strokes of you
I will start massaging with odorless or fragrant oil / don't forget to say which one
you want / From the gentle and intense tantra, I will gradually go to nuru massage / massage
with my whole body - oil / breasts with my mouth and mouth I will go through your whole body until I wake you up
to delight. When I turn you over, your treasure will be alert and the heavenly one will begin
excitement that I will prolong as much as I can. If you don't know anymore
endure, can you get involved and what will happen next? It will develop by itself. If you will
blissful in inaction, nothing and no one will force you to move anything, everything
I will do it for you. In the end, you can expect a sharp explosion of geyser, which we direct
in the desired direction. I will gently caress you relaxed and relaxed when you get it
the belief that you are in paradise. Stress, duties, problems with the magic flick
the wands will disappear and you will feel reborn. You won't even want to
to leave, but I will help you not to leave hard, but with the conviction that
you will come whenever you want to shut down and escape from ordinary reality at least on those
"a few" minutes reserved for yourself, until which you will be nobody
unnecessarily enter and disturb you ..... All the art of erotic or massage associated with
I will combine sexual energy into one whole a little bit, according to how I see that
It does you good. According to the time you specify, I can finally get married too
stiff parts of your body ...



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