Intim masáž ser yer or not?

Sorry if it's not exactly English - but until I edit it in detail - I translate it via google translator
I do not offer sexual services alone. Multiorgasm can be achieved especially if you are passive and let yourself be pampered. However, the fact that I will not behave like a professional masseuse, but like a woman ... It depends a lot on you. But I always check when you clearly order what you want and what you don't !!!!! I don't always have to act like a professional masseuse, do I? I'm not made of stone either, and I'm a woman, not a machine. However, this event is not usually planned, which is a difference and at the same time more pleasant for both. Your climax is stronger if you stay passive - but it's up to you to take advice. I definitely have nothing against mutual touches. During erotic or combined tantra massage combined with a sliding nura, blood is gradually flowing through your body and the pleasure gradually increases and increases. Orgasm is such a whole-body experience in which the "very penetration" can, on the contrary, weaken the feelings that usually border on EXTASE. Double-sided intimate massage - that's a bit of a different barrel. 60 minutes - I massage the shortest, not like and not often - it's just a little time to give you the best I can. In such a short time, however, I will not have time to give you as much pleasure as I would like, so I recommend at least 90-minute meeting. (130 Eur) The reward for 1 hour is approximately 100Eur, but it is little time, nothing can be achieved properly. So I avoid such a short time. If we want to do everything in addition to the massage, we can come up with everything and, of course, that the planned program can also change. I always try to find out how to make you as happy and satisfied as possible. I don't recognize the routine. Best Life! Please don't confuse me with an erotic private.