Prostate massage (strap-on)

The rule number 1- prostate massage has nothing to do with sexual orientation! Massage the prostate strengthens three parts of the male orgasm: contractions and pulsation of the ureter, prostate and pelvic muscle contractions. One of the options for making love To stimulate the prostate, her massage is through the rectum. He is rich in nerves endings and very sensitive, therefore when inserting a massage aid or finger into the rectum I am very careful and sensitive. If you know for sure you want to try it, I recommend a proper rectal shower before visiting. I always adhere to the maximum hygienic principles and I - even more experienced - stretch the vibrator or Strap-On condom. I use a sufficient amount of lubricant or special oil, lest I hurt you or cause you pain. There are men who are gentle stroking and rubbing the prostate experience a very intense orgasm. If you like this the method of massage does not inspire, I can feel and stimulate the prostate from the outside. Is located on the dam under the testicles. If you don't know - you're not determined, I can give you mine with experienced fingers to do a gentle massage around the anus and the hole and you will tell whether it does you good or you reject it.

Men's anal is not just for gays at all. Prostate massage is complete a normal, healthy favorite thing that can increase intensity
survival climax. This massage is possible from the outside, but does not reach such intensity as a properly performed massage from the inside. Some men have reservations arguments "that this is an inclination towards homosexuality" "is not normal ”are usually just arguments for fear of the unknown. Massage prostate and associated anal techniques not only have a long tradition, even in conjunction with appropriate occasional practice, they work directly drug. In addition, it is a technique that can bring a man really intense pleasure and a deep experience that often leads to orgasm without irritating the penis. It is actually a stimulation of the male equivalent of the famous point "G" (in this In this case it is sometimes called the “P” point). The area around the anus is very sensitive as it is interwoven with thousands of nerve endings. Therefore, even slight irritation It causes pleasant feelings in both men and women, but it is important to understand that it is not inappropriate and not to be prevented unnecessarily. If anyone has contact with anal prejudice- I will not force anything into anything.
Prostate massage, strap-on, men's anal - of course I do- on request.