Massage with a story

1/Massage with autogenous training.

It is the most professional themed massage focused ontotal relaxation of the organism and mind.

You come to the psychologist as a patient, I release you and at massage you

I tell the exact subtle instructions of autogenous training where at the right

you can get the mood

to alpha level.



I'll "wake you up" with a more focused massage

Your intimate parts until the climax.


It is designed especially for men-women-who have


to relax and relax (rest consciously) during the day.


2/Boss and secretary woman

As a boss, can you come to the office, where your personal assistant is already waiting for you in a decent

but seductive. After writing the letter, you will ask her for a massage,
because you have a stiff neck. I have you

I will start massaging, but I will not listen and I will massage you
even where you don't want it, in the end you will submit to me and agree with the massage, which will be finished ????
you choose) You will hurry home and we will agree that we will finish the letter next time ...

3/Secret mistress.

You secretly stole from the house and you come

for his mistress. She is always waiting for you beautifully erotic and
seductively dressed with an inexhaustible sexual appetite. You've been tired all week and poisoned by your wife. He doesn't want to give you what he wants

but you desire it is jealous. You know that I am discreet, because I also have a husband, so we will fulfill one
the other is what we are missing. We must be hard so that our neighbors cannot hear and betray us and
we have to be careful not to cook on the baby ...

4/Home gentleman and maid

You have hired a maid who cleans constantly. But it is still adjusted. How does the woman do it? When
you will finally come home from work, make you a coffee, give it a drink to you

The restless maid is very handy / clumsy. It massages and massages up to you

will start massaging yours as well as doing everything
bird. He will not forget any detail. He always asks what

he still has to do during cleaning, he also asks during massage - what else the young man?

You like it and you also want to massage the prostate until it excites you so much that the little carcass

It will eventually lead you to a very strong orgasm. Then you are
she washes again and with the pilgrim's duster (heated towels) that her dexterous hands make you happy another time. Supremely satisfied, you will return to work.

(We will arrange the details by phone or in person.)