Royal Massage

Royal massage-120 minút

The whole process is very individual and it depends on what you prefer.
If you have no experience-leave it to me. After the first coffee talk, whether
I'll start paying you a cup of tea. I'll take you off and I'll do it next to you
such a tiny stripper in front of a mirror as a prelude to the awakening. I'm looking forward
I'll take you to my "magic room" where I will start you
overindulge. Warm oil, my experienced hands, and the Make body will be professional for you
to move while using the technique of gentle and pleasant pressure
the acupressure points of your body. You can lie, do not move and massage yourself
enjoy the relaxing music. It will flow between our bodies
a lot of energy that I recommend from your party to accept - you will be pleased with it and
Hot feelings are more intense, but I do not strictly touch them - though
it will deprive you of what I do not like. I don't use tantra aids, maximum (only
if you want) feather and hot towels. Massage is relaxing-releasing, but since it is
I combine differently with Nuru massage elements, the source is quite a lot of excitement.
Massage your buttocks, Lingham and if you want the prostate, we can go to yours
turning back. Depending on the situation, I use various massage techniques and that
to delay ejaculation always. If it comes to a climax, I continue
Other methods to make your enjoyment of the blissful feeling complete.
I massage my feet, take over all my fingers and reflex zones on my feet, whether or not

Of course, you can choose from several alternatives:

Hot towel massage

2 / Footbath bath in a massage tray coupled with a reflex foot massage.

3 / mixed massage using mixed techniques (eg Thai massage
called. Yoga for lazy-thrust, tension and relaxation
4 / relaxing healing massage
5 / Exercise massage with pain counseling6 / lava massage 7 / trigger point massage
... and many other alternatives to choose the best and most enjoyable
for you.
It is not possible to coordinate and to compel you to submit to the chosen program -what do you want?
By touching from your side I will not avoid - if there is such a situation and it will be all
otherwise, it is important that you start to smile from pleasure and happiness.
Prostate massage, strap-on, or vibrator will not be right here
divorce, it's up to you. I can sense what this is doing well.

If you also have access to energy, you can use this massage
also my knowledge of reiki and the unblocking of the chakras.

The climax or one or more times depends on how you feel
and to experience my kind touches... The way-can be different, always touch the appropriate health protection when I touch it. I believe that I will give you pleasure and relief not only by massage but also by looking at my oil-shining female curves and leaving you at maximum rest and lasting is 2 hours and more. price from 160Eur.

2 hpurs+++´=200Eur

19. 5. 2021