Mutual Tantra massage

I focus more on erotica
tuned touches taken from elements of Tantra massage, nuru, or erotic itself (that
has no rules)

"Pure" Tantra- or mutual
Tantra is not a purely and primarily sexual experience, but elements of sexuality
it has and can also be taken as a "prelude".

It is important to note and
tell me what you expect from this massage.

Most of the massages I have on
my site described is based on touches taken from Tantra and nuru massage, but
I respond to demand - so they are not "pure Tantra" or "pure NURU"

"Pure Tantra" should
to be, above all, an intense, intimate experience based on the exchange of energy.
It offers the opportunity to intensely feel not only pleasant, relaxing feelings with
an increasing tendency to arouse sensations and senses, but also spiritual purification and feeling
freedom. Of course, we are here within predetermined limits.

As clients are not looking for me
spiritually - but rather the intimate (sexual) side of tantra, I adapted
do your massages.

I miss during my massages
purification (spiritual) rituals (of course I don't miss the shower).

And I'm not used to massages
shorter than 2 hours use even preheated towels and scented - essentials
oils. I think of the discretion of clients who are often entered and come home
unusually scented would not be the happiest choice
I do the awakening of the client with my method, which has more in common with erotica than
"Spiritual consecration." Scented candles, intimate light and pleasant relaxation
however, music is and remains a matter of course.

Let yourself be carried away by your
feelings and enjoy the absolute feeling of well-being. During a mutual massage you
I will translate paradise in the true sense of the word. In addition to a shared shower full of touches to you
I will provide a gentle massage, during which chills sometimes run after yours
tele. This massage and touch will completely relax you and then you can join.
Of course, I will give you instructions on how and in what parities you have me
touch, but the receptive man will easily find out himself ... My body that will be
pleasantly oiled and hot, will be completely devoted to your touch and if you have
the pleasure of it, if the woman-masseuse is beautiful with you, this pleasure will be amplified
(I believe it) by my excitement, caused by your tender hands or body.

Of course, the boundaries
massages will need to be clarified in advance. Let yourself be carried away by your feelings and
enjoy the absolute feeling of well-being. The massage is energizing and magical at the same time
erotic. It is an excellent relaxation for body and mind.

It also offers the opportunity to explore and
discover their boundaries, the power of their touches their response to the opposite sex in
safety, within predetermined limits.